Social Media Will Find You!

September 25, 2013 9:42 AM | Theresa Boyce (Administrator)

Social Media will find you, you can’t hide!  After our recent session on Strategic Social Media, our Trustees can’t say they don’t know this.

The PA Chapter explored the rapidly changing world of strategic social media at an event held at the Pyramid Club in Philadelphia.  The agenda focused on how CEOs should approach social media, why they often shy away, and why they benefit from using it.  The top-flight panel focused on how social media is part of a wider brand strategy, why a response plan is critical, and how to get involved even with limited resources and knowledge.

Evan Urbania, CEO & Co-Founder – ChatterBlast Media, Michelle Price Taglialatela, President, Certified Brand Strategist – Tag Strategies, and Cass Bailey, Principal – Slice Communications led the lively discussion of this critical and often perplexing topic.   Networking time and a lively interchange and Q&A with the audience focused the conversation on the strategic aspects that every business should address. 

-- RJ Juliano, CEO Trustee