The CEO Trust is an exclusive organization of operating CEOs with a focus on helping each other and a policy excluding solicitation.  The CEO Trust has strict criteria for level, company size, and breadth of responsibility.  You can find more information in this section, or register at to find out if you qualify.

Usually a candidate is referred by a Trustee (member) or a friend of the Trust.  Each candidate meets at least two Trustees, which helps the candidate and organization assess fit.  The final step is review and approval by the Membership Committee.

CEO Trust:  A CEO being considered for membership must:

  • Occupy or have held the most senior executive position within a corporation, division, subsidiary, or affiliate of an enterprise.  A key criterion is: to hold or have held the responsibility for a complete, autonomous business. 
  • Typical titles include CEO, President, Chairman, COO, Division Head, Managing Director, Owner.
  • A CEO candidate must be responsible for a reporting structure reflecting the typical span of control that a CEO is likely to manage in a going concern. 
  • Subscribe to CEO Trust shared values.
  • Be in a position that would not "sell” to fellow Trustees.
  • Be willing to participate in CEO Trust activities.

A business that does not include multiple dimensions, such as a sales and marketing organization, would not qualify.  Most consulting firms or organizations that serve CEOs or C-level executives usually will not qualify.

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