The CEO Trust membership options are designed to include CEOs at every career and life stage to be able to interact and help each other.  Options include:


The VIP membership is designed to give you rocket fuel: access to resources to propel you to your next stage. That may be taking your business to a new level, developing your board readiness, designing your keynote talk and laying ground work for speaking, or addressing your next stage as a CEO. In addition to all the Key benefits, VIP membership includes a choice of:

  • Your Board:  Have a member board of peer advisers who focus on your business.  You will be able to select for the expertise you need most to have a set of individuals from a diverse set of industries and businesses.  You will be able to do the same for other CEOs.  This is an important vehicle to help each other with business challenges, social situations and personal situations.

  • Board Readiness:  Determine what your particular talents are for board service and how you can leverage your board interest to land board seats. Includes coaching and marketing material preparation, as well as training and networking.

  • One-on-One Coaching:  This is coaching specifically for the CEO level with a world-class caliber coach.  Our CEO Trust coaches are extraordinary and we carefully screen them for appropriate training, coaching talent, respect for confidentiality and experience with CEOs.

  • Speaker Bureau:  Assessment for speaker bureau readiness, with speaking coach and marketing material preparation. Represented by the CEO Trust Speaker Bureau. 

  • Outplacement:  Outplacement CEO coaching service from a top-tier firm.  As CEOs, we are bound to go through those phases where we will be looking to move to a next assignment and with CEO Trust outplacement, you’ll have the highest quality help available.

Included in all VIP memberships:

  • VIP Events:  At least once a year, you'll receive an invitation to a VIP reception to meet and mingle with the most determined fellow CEO Trustees. These events and this membership is particularly powerful for getting to know your colleagues. 
  • Video Interview:  Your profile will include a video interview, which helps fellow CEO Trustees get to know you better, and helps you get to know others. In addition, you may use your video profile on your own site or in your marketing materials. 

VIP membership is designed for those who desire to propel themselves and/or their business to the next level. It is a comprehensive membership. The VIP membership is most meaningful with full participation and a commitment. 


CEO Trust Key gives you a key to the CEO Trust community and resources, along with the flexibility to participate as your work and life schedule allows. The Key membership includes events and activities across all chapters and affinity groups, plus access to connect to any member or participate in group or web features. Key membership includes a profile, ability to access career center openings and post and maintain a resume/CV.  It includes full access to the library, best practices and video archives. This is a comprehensive and flexible membership. There is no set requirement for participation.


CEO Trust Virtual is access to the Trust community primarily through the members-only website. This membership is designed for those in geographies outside active chapters who can only rarely participate in CEO Trust in-person activities. Virtual membership has been developed to meet your needs and to keep you connected to the CEO Trust community through a limited membership that can go with you wherever you may be. Virtual membership includes a profile page, ability to access career center openings and post and maintain a resume/CV. It includes access to the library, best practices and video archives. Virtual benefits are available and there is no set requirement for participation.


Each CEO Trust membership offering is a great value: higher quality and less expensive than any comparable offerings, and some things you can’t get anywhere else. Importantly, CEO Trust is a good value for your business, as research continues to show that CEOs who interact across a broad spectrum of fellow CEOs are more successful.  CEO Trust facilitates that interaction with a framework of offerings that can help us help each other at each stage.  

For any CEO Trust membership, our Trustees describe their involvement in the organization as uniquely rewarding.  Of course, what makes them feel this way isn’t just the activities; it’s the other members.

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