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“Courage: Unleashing Your True Potential” – An Inspiring Evening with the CT Chapter

September 29, 2015 4:51 PM | Theresa Boyce (Administrator)

By CEO Trustee, Robert Wolfe

It was a perfect evening and setting to join Jeremy Cage at the Wilson Cove Yacht Club on September 24 for the CT Chapter’s most recent event.  During “Courage: Unleashing Your True Potential” Jeremy shared his adventures of sailing around the world with his wife and two young children and the life lessons he took from that experience.  Approximately 15 CEO Trust members and guests enjoyed delicious appetizers, drinks, and a lovely sunset during a mingling reception on the club’s wraparound deck overlooking the marina.  Afterward, all moved inside to the inviting clubhouse lounge for Jeremy's presentation. 

Jeremy used his story to challenge all of us to be courageous and to follow our dreams as he had.  He said that taking this step changed his life and gave him and his family great fulfillment and confidence to pursue other dreams. 

During the interactive discussion, Jeremy shared the insights that allowed him to successfully plan and achieve his dream.  One of his insights was to "dream specifically" (which is to say that the clearer you visualize your dream the more likely it will be successful), and to "dread vaguely" (which is to say you need to understand that most things keeping you from pursuing your dreams are not the insurmountable obstacles you first believe they are). 

Jeremy noted that the lessons can be used to allow people and companies to become more creative, successful, and satisfied by unleashing their true potential.  The session definitely gave us all great pause to think about our dreams and how to think and act differently in order to realize them.

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