The CEO Trust is where CEOs come together to help each other, with camaraderie, counsel, and referrals. Trustees (members) share important values in common, which, because subscribed by all, create a warm, collaborative environment.  Meaningful interactions with trusted peers is efficient, and results in tangible business impact and valuable professional and personal relationships. CEOs in the Trust achieve higher levels of business, career, and personal success.

Authentic Leadership refers to the deep sense of responsibility inspired leaders feel:

  • For the well-being of the people in their organizations, their business communities and their industries,
  • To give back to those who have helped them along the way and to help others when they can,
  • Recognizing that they need help and support of others in fulfilling their responsibilities as sitting executives and in building their careers and businesses.

Generosity of Spirit refers to the natural inclination to help others:

  • Help is given without an expectation of anything in return,
  • Help gratuitously given is its own reward,
  • The understanding that the juxtaposition of giver and receiver changes as circumstances change,
  • The recognition that there is a need to provide support not only to an individual from whom one may have received help, but also to any Trustee in need of help, and to the whole CEO Trust organization.

Trustees are actively involved in business: most are current CEOs, many serve on boards. They are in a position to be visible and their behavior influences those around them. Many young people view the members as role models. By adhering to principles of Authentic Leadership and Generosity of Spirit, Trustees have a significant impact in the business world.

While Trustees believe in these principles for themselves, they also implement them in their own organizations. The organization’s principles are a base for a very effective management style that is good for employees and a very practical way to achieve exceptional business results. Trustees are ambitious and successful, to be sure, but ambitious first and foremost for the company and its results, not for themselves.


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  • Trustees have stellar backgrounds and are impressive people.
  • The programs and website are great. Trustees find them compelling, and participate actively.
  • The philosophy and values of Trustees are based on honor and integrity.
  • The core essence of the CEO Trust is trust, relationships and generosity of spirit that permeate the organization.
  • Members describe the CEO Trust as unlike any other organization they've known. They refer to other Trustees as friends, confidants, valued partners and colleagues.
  • Consistently they speak of membership as deeply and uniquely rewarding.

Collaborative Environment of Authentic Leaders and Generous Spirits
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