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The CEO Trust offers a solution tailored to you for every career stage from first time CEOs to experienced CEOs sitting on boards.  Our membership includes every company size and ownership model: public, private, and entrepreneurial.  The CEO Trust has much to offer our fellow Trustees:

Access to and participation in the National CEO Trust community:  The CEO Trust is a private social and professional network of extraordinary CEOs and Trustees (members) have exclusive access.  

A proprietary matching of CEOs to propel each CEO to higher levels of success and to the next stage.

A steady and varied menu of events and activities.

  • Monthly events in geographic chapter locations
  • Board training, preparation and network
  • Affinity groups with shared interests and programs
  • Virtual events
  • Roundtables and peer advisor forums

Access to peer advisory groups that are constructed with you in mind, that meet according to your schedule and business needs.

Access to board seats via a proven methodology that will help you land the board seats you desire.

A career hub for CEO positions and Board Seats.

A speakers bureau and board search service.

Access to screened private equity firms, recruiters, advisers and other services that are relevant for CEOs.

A members-only portal that facilitates bringing CEOs together.

  • Background information on fellow Trustees with pictures and capability to search for any number of key words or attributes

  • Password protected forums with the latest news and updates about fellow Trustees, functionality to pose questions or make requests, an ability to share ideas/discussions.

  • Access to geographic chapters, national or local affinity groups, committees or other areas of interest

  • A library with organization information and materials from past events as well as shared best practice information

  • Additional and evolving features based on our interests.

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