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Navigating Private Equity - Webinar

  • January 27, 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Remote via Video Conference: Details are sent with registration confirmation.

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Navigating Private Equity

In "Navigating Private Equity" Mike Lorelli will take you a mile wide, and a foot deep into how the private equity model works, the economics of the deal, how to “speak their speak” and avoid getting a toe blown off in the first minute of the interview, and how to target private equity firms. You don't need to be on the buy-side or sell-side of the private equity equation. For CEO Trust members:

  • Targeting private equity portfolio company roles plays to many in-transition individuals’ strengths. . . grey hair is a plus!
  • If you are not in transition now, you will likely be at some point. Better to start learning about this great basket of opportunities sooner, rather than later
  • It will broaden everyone’s understanding of this major component of the capital markets

Mike was a PepsiCo President, twice, followed by 5 engagements as CEO for private equity portfolio companies. He also served for six years as an Operating Partner at Falconhead Capital, and Executive Chairman of the Board of, Rita’s Italian Ices. Dr. John Rutledge, Chairman of Rutledge Capital, has said: “I would invade China with Mike alone in a rubber boat.”

Mike is a Founding Director of CEO Trust and a frequent presenter.

This event happens to be on the anniversary date of when Mike helped launch the CEO Trust Connecticut chapter.

If you are a CEO and would like to see if you qualify to attend this event, register online.

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