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Landing Board Seats Webinar - Guest

  • April 11, 2023
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Webinar link provided after registration


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Landing Board Seats is a concise webinar that provides a strategic view of securing or selecting board positions, as well as specific tactical information to move yourself forward and help you navigate the unwritten rules of board search. If you are asking yourself the “What’s” “How’s” and “When’s” of your board search then this information will be crucial. 

The webinar covers topics such as identifying targets, crafting a value proposition, attracting and interacting with recruiters, preparing board marketing materials, leveraging social media, and building board credentials. In addition, the webinar will cover the later stages of the board search including interview strategies, questions, and creating a tailored skills matrix. All of these steps are distinctly different for a board search than for an executive search.

Take advantage of every edge to position yourself to land one of the only 26,000 Outside Director Board Seats in the US. This webinar will set you on a path, better prepared.  

If you can't attend the Webinar, you will be able to access a recording. 
Registration fee is $20.

Theresa Boyce, Chairman & CEO, CEO Trust

Theresa builds connections and opportunities for CEOs while drawing from multi-disciplined, multi-industry business experience.

She began her career as a CPA for KPMG, earned a Wharton MBA, and obtained marketing and sales training in Procter & Gamble brand management. Theresa has a history of successfully launching high growth in a spectrum of companies, from entrepreneurial ventures to multi-billion-dollar corporations. Her experience includes the full range of business cycles including in volatile and unpredictable environments. She has been involved in every distribution/marketing channel and trained in most channels from premier companies in related industries. She serves as a director on for-profit boards with expertise in audit, finance, compensation, and governance.

Theresa is passionate about business and bringing people together, which suits her role leading CEO Trust. Theresa is known for creating fiduciary and advisory boards, with a track record of placing hundreds of board directors. Under her leadership, the CEO Trust has orchestrated thousands of CEO events and activities. She is most proud of the impact CEO Trust has by caring about each and every CEO Trust member and their success.

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